Simplified as practiced!

Giants in the region are coming up with disruptive solutions and digital products. That means, soon all players will be able to leverage the new currency i.g. data, if played right.

But, on the other hand, very few products are designed around the same strategy.

Mostly, designers…

The Mirror is an established offline fashion retailer, catering with trendy collections, well known for the customer service and value for money products from various brands.

The mirror is planning to establish an online presence based on the same values.

The research goal is to identify the unique positioning for…

Analyzing YouTube …

I am one of those weirdoes who needs background sound (songs, chatter, chants) while doing household chores. And YouTube is always on, on my phone. It is also because I involve in the video content better than the audio and text.

Recipies, DIYs, self-help, comedy shows-standups-videos, and…

Today’s Digital Product Designers are challenged to work with Ubiquitous Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality along with the mass practices.

In this scenario, understanding Human Psychology and Interaction with Computing Devices have become inevitable.

Let’s take an example of Smart Cars:

Sheetal Pakhare

Being and Becoming | A UX Researcher, Strategist, and Designer |

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